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279 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite 205

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Past Exhibitions

Artist's statement : The collection of acrylic which presents Alain Coudry, , is the fruit of 30 years of professional experience. His realizations, mixtures of organic thickenings and the glacis fluids, make play the light in a dynamic, synergic and unseizable. Allegory on the essence of the life. Spaces infinitesimal, infinitely big ? The universes which he stages are paradoxical. Tucks of duality. Of movement. This synergy, between bodies seeming to the antipodes, as the [...]

The International Biennale Artists Show at Gallery Gora, Montreal is a group exhibition that comprises 50 recognized International artists who have exhibited their work nationally and internationally; and have participated in the Florence Biennial, Italy. Creating new global perspectives with their art, each artist will spotlight his/her work in a salon-style exhibition that will feature the artists in a unique and dynamic visual dialogue. Artists : L.ABLES • Y.ARONSON • S.BAGHDASARI • R.BAILEY [...]

In her exquisitely crafted paintings, Maria José Royuela brings to the viewer a direct connection with the intricate reality of natural aspects often overlooked; the lichens on a rock, the moss in broken earth and spindly grasses whose heads leave spectral shadows on the finely textured surface. "My work is the fruit of patience. Of my own patience that brings me to paint my surrounding and my own thoughts by observation. And of the patience emaning from what I paint. Painting the patience that [...]