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Montréal, Quebec, Canada



Gallery Gora presents the section on our website dedicated to samples of feedback. This section allows us to share some of our artists’ and guests’ comments from our most recent exhibitions and events. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your pleasurable experiences with us.

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I will take advantage of your invitation for a solo show. I have quite a few pieces (including several new paintings), and love Montreal. Also, your gallery looks like a beautiful place…

It was a pleasure to see that the gallery had done a good job with the framing and the hanging of my artworks. It’s always nice to work with people with the right professional approach

I receive your newsletter regulary and your exhibitions impress me. The artists you choose are subtle and strong

Thank you for asking me to do a show – the space looks amazing. Thank you for thinking of me. I hope, in the future, to do a show with you

I received an e-mail from your gallery about an upcoming exhibition a while back. What a pleasant surprise! I am very impressed with the artists that you represent

Hello! I just discovered your gallery on the Internet and I like it – so I invite you to discover my work. Explore what I call Pop Art Digital

Gallery Gora looks very awesome – I would LOVE to take part in any exhibition happening there. Thanks again for the invite. Cheers !

Gallery Gora is a beautiful venue and I am really impressed by the variety and quality of the artists represented. I plan to be in Montreal later on this year and will drop by to say hello

I visited your gallery during a recent trip to Montreal and was very impressed by the work shown there. I particularly love the work of Libra Larki – I am an abstract expressionist artist as well

I have received your invitation , and I want to say thank you for your interest in my work . I had the opportunity to visit the gallery web page and I must say Gallery Gora is a wonderful place. I feel so honored to have this opportunity

I would just like to let you know I am very thankful for the opportunity to display in your gallery

Thank you very much for your kind invitation for the year 2008/2009! I am really interested in exhibiting at Gallery Gora in Montreal! Congratulations on your professional website !

Good morning ! I’ve been receiving the e-flyer of your great Gallery for a few months. I’d love to be one of Gora’s artists! I really appreciate the diversity of the works you present

A visitor to my studio from Canada today was full of praise for the Montreal art scene and for your gallery so I look forward to pursuing this idea when the time is right

I received your email today and was excited at the prospect at exhibiting with your gallery. I would be happy to send you some images of my new work when it’s completed. I look forward to further contact and a future with your gallery in Montreal

Your gallery and the artists you represent are impressive

Hello Lyne, I love the gallery and the food photos

Greetings- thank you for your kind email bringing my attention to your gallery, the quality of which is indisputable. If you might be interested in representing my work via your physical or online gallery, I would be delighted to hear of it

I heard from a customer that they purchased “Adrift Upon the Poppies” from you. Way to go! Just to bring you up to date: I have a show opening here in Portland, Oregon next month and have done a series of paintings used as labels for Kyra Wines (nine varieties so far). Great to hear the news about the sale. Keep up the good work

I discovered Gallery Gora when I lived in the downtown area and after visiting the space on numerous occasions I made it one of my goals in life to have my works displayed there. I have always enjoyed the type of art usually on display at Gallery Gora

The exhibit was beautifully set out and it is a privilege to be showing at Gallery Gora. I look forward to seeing you again soon

I just wanted to say thank you for offering me the opportunity to show my work at Gallery Gora. I am very excited to have my work at such a beautiful gallery! Thank you once more

An artist who has exhibited with you who has seen my work in person strongly urged me to contact you to see we could work together to show my work. He speaks very highly of the Gallery. Attached is a recent folio showing some of my recent sculpture. I will contact you by telephone after you have had a chance to review the work. Looking forward to collaborating with you.

I had a few sales in SF and I have been grateful to your service in your gallery and catalog. Looking forward to hearing from you

How are you ? Hope everything is fine. I had some sales of my paintings in US. It was because of the catalog and show in your gallery. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for your attention to my mail during your busy business time. Kikuko S.

Thank you for your mail. How is the art market in Montreal? I am in tune with your gallery- I regularly visit it. Best wishes in the future

I have been receiving your Email Invitations for a year now and wanted you to know that I enjoy looking at the work represented

Thank you very much in all of your assistance with our event last week. The feedback I’m getting back from my colleagues is wonderful. They loved your gallery and said the service and food was just amazing

Just added your website to my links page- hope you do not mind. Best of luck with your exhibitions…Shame is a bit far away for me to assist.

I don’t know exactly HOW I got on your mailing list, but THANK YOU! Perhaps we can have a show sometime

I always receive your announcements of your gallery and artists, which I enjoy very much

I just wanted to thank you on behalf on JMIBA and JMMA. With your help our event was a great success. Kathleen

Thank you, Lyne, for enabling us to experience such wonderful moments of pleasure, relaxation, stimulating conversations, music, etc., etc., etc… You’re an artist too !

What a great space ! And who knew it was right around the corner?! I will definitely be back…Love all the artists – D.Grudniski, fantastic !

Dear Maude, It was good to meet you this morning, and I was delighted with the ambience of the gallery. Thanks. Ian G.

I took the opportunity to look at your web site and was extremely impressed with the work of your artists. Great stuff… Godfrey B.

Thanks so much. You have some wonderful artists. Cheers… Allen D.

I just checked out your website through the ad in ARTnews. You are the most civilized and credible place I’ve seen on the web so far. And somehow you are visibly “present”, even via the internet. Thanks for being you. Roger H.

We are back to Japan. Thank you very much for your help and warm friendship. I am very glad to have held my exhibition at GALLERY GORA. I enjoyed my stay in Montreal. Thank you.

A very belated note to let you know that my artwork arrived safe and sound! Thank you for your professionalism in handling the work. It arrived in good condition and is hanging in the studio awaiting the next exhibition! I was just awarded a solo exhibition in November at Illinois Wesleyan University. I am scrambling for work! Again, it was great to meet both of you. I was honored to be part of your international group show. Please let me know if you could use my work for other exhibitions that you may host and if in Chicago…..please give a call… Best regards, Kathleen W.

The contemporary Galerie Gora in Montreal found Evan’s work on his Web site, contacted him and arranged to hold an exhibition in the fall. He sent them slides, and they chose 20 paintings _ of which were sold. Next, he’ll be one of the artists whose work will be shown March 1st at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, and Galerie Gora is negotiating for European shows and one in Japan. Evans says in a good week he can finish four or five paintings but some take longer. A work he did about the World Trade Center bombings looks like a piece of black mesh overlaid with colors.
He points out that it’s actually a sheet of graphite with 3,173 slots cut in it-one for each person who died in the terrorist attack…”
(Featured article about contemporary artist Kyle Evan’s By Paul Duchene in the Portland Tribune)

We remembered well our concerts at Gallery Gora. All our guests said it was a wonderful setting for our show: intimate, casual yet elegant. The fact that we could configure the space in various settings is a plus, and the setting make it easy to integrate the audience into the stage so to speak. Our guests certainly welcomed the opportunity to view the art on display at the time. We thank you and Aisha too for your kind assistance in our preparations. I look forward to visiting you again soon, and hopefully with our CD in hand… Best Regards, Kong Kie.

Thank you for all your help ! Best Regards, Samir J. and Meire M.

Thank you for hosting such a fun reception for the artists! my sister-in-law’s mother Madeline Harris and I had a great time at Gallery Gora. The artwork looked engaging and well-placed and handled with care. The juxtaposition of artists helped to let each piece speak to the viewer. You have a fantastic venue, both interior and windows, for displaying a wide variety of work… ”

Amazing work. Haven’t seen any work so appealing for a long time. Jason, U of Waterloo Architecture

Very interesting art. I’ll definitely be back. Keep it up.

It was a pleasure to meet you. It is also a great honor to be participating in this show and displaying in your gallery. It is a beautiful gallery – very impressive. I will come up on the weekend one more time before closing of this show. Thank you for all your help and patience. I was so impressed with the city of Montreal and your gallery – I am thinking of learning the French language. Thank you again. Terry A. (Artist)

Beautiful space, congratulations on the open concept setup. Julia C.

LOVE ! GORA ! Christina B.

I had my first Solo Show in Canada at the Galerie Gora, Montreal, in 2004. The gallery is well known for its spectacular events and shows, so I thought I would recommend this one to my Canadian readers.
Elin N.

After having discussed with the planning commitee we have decided that Gallery Gora is at the top of our venue list.

I have looked at your web site and want to congratulate you for your fine blending of art, life and culture. I am thrilled that a Canadian Gallery has this kind of vision. I have made art in Canada and abroad for 20 years. With respect, Darinka B.

Namaste, thank you and kudos to the team for a job amazingly well done last Friday night for the photo vernissage. We were so very proud of Jamie-Lee but also extremely appreciative for all your efforts, enthusiasm and encouragement. Please keep in mind that we would like Jamie-Lee to continue with the advanced class but only starting in the fall ’10 as she is now busy preparing for end-year exams and a summer job away from home. Vicky.

Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. I was born in Montreal but have lived & worked in Australia for the past 30 years! It is lovely to get a taste of the Art scene in my home town and to see how vibrant it is. As a practising artist & teacher in the arts here in Australia, it is really interesting to observe the cultural differences. It looks like your gallery is an active contributor to the arts scene. One day I would love to return for a visit, and to see in person what you are doing. I still have relatives in Montreal! If you are interested I can send you some photos of my ‘works on paper’, which were created during the year I spent working as an artist & teacher in Saudi Arabia. A challenging & confronting experience as you will imagine. Please keep sending me the exhibition announcements.

We want to tell you how great the cathalogue is. We are really happy with it. All the people who get it are surprised and happy with it. I think it gives a new dimension to Viktor’s work. We want another time to thank you very much for the great design and that you helped us to overcome all the trouble about it. Viktor is doing great after the operation and is functioning as earlier. He paints every day and he is making nice new work. he has 3 paintings in Las Vegas at an exhibition and is happy with it. Nice greetings to all of you,

It was a pleasure to ‘work’ with the gallery, it was nice to meet your team and we appreciated your professional approach. thank you and maybe we’ll meet again in the future.

Dear Lyne, the response from the clients was very positive. They enjoyed the gallery and had great things to say about the food. Thank you for making it a success and for making us shine !
Sincerely, Zora

I want you to know how much Jeff and I enjoyed our visit with you today. Thank you for you hospitality. I appreciate the time you spent with me and value your experience and expertise. You have given me much food for thought ! I look forward to corresponding with you again soon. Warmly, Maura

We appreciate all that you’ve done for us to make this a great experience. Thank you for taking the time to cater to our needs. Your expertise and advice help tremendously and releaved stress to let us enjoy the moment. Best wishes, Jean-Luc & Chaity

Beautiful exalting luminous space that breathes art, music, dancing – creativity. Helen M.C.R.

Thank you very much for everything. I was so happy to know you and have a show in your gallery. Also I am so grateful that you keep my paintings in your gallery. I am so happy. I was very impressed by your paintings. I like them very much. I really respect you as a great gallerist and businessman. Wish you further success… Hope to see you again soon in Canada or Japan or Europe. Kikuko S.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Gallery Gora for all of their help and encouragement. Hopefully we will sell something to solidify our relationship. lol. I also have some other good news about the piece
“White XV”, it is in a feature piece with the January issue of Style at Home. Hope all is well, we will be in touch soon.

Thank you very much for an easy and wonderful night! Everyone was very
impressed, and we had a great experience.
Looking forward to working with you again.

Canadian Center for the Great War fund raiser