Opening hours: Lundi au vendredi. 10h à 17h ou par rendez-vous.

279 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite 205

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Alessandro “Shout” Gottardo

Exhibition of the Italian artist Alessandra Gottardo ”Shout ”.
The art opening will take place Wednesday October 10th from 5.00pm-8.00pm

Dans les mots de l’artiste:

Alessandro ” Shout ” Gottardo, one of the most appreciated and successful Italian illustrators in the world, arrives to Montreal with a personal exhibition. The exhibition organized in association with The Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal which proposes a selection, an exprogram on the evolution of the artistic career of Shout, since the first works signed with name and first name, until the commanded illustrations with famous customers who made the unanimity in the world with the signature Shout.

A selection of illustrations on the indigo edition of Shout will be exposed some of them were already published in 2010 by the house 279 Publishing(Editions) in the volume ” Mono Shout ” (today exhausted and looked for by the collectors, in particular American) and in the second monograph ” On Shout ” published in 2014 by the house 279 Publishing(Editions). Besides the Indigo editions, there will be screenprintings of expressionistic portraits pulled by the volumes JetLag 1 and 2 (279 Publishing(Editions), 2006/07) and the series of watercolors DAZED, exposed for the first time in Los Angeles in 2011.