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Exhibition: Eliane Telio

Exhibition: September 7th to October 7th, 2022

Vernissage: Saturday, September  10th from 5:00PM to 8:00PM


Montreal-based artist Eliane Telio is passionate about her work.

Eliane is an intuitive and self taught artist and relies on internal emotions as her muse. She paints freely in the abstract style with acrylic ink and paint using collage and other media.

Most days, Eliane’s inspirations are overwhelming. “ When I am creating work, I feel completely stimulated, joyful and at peace.” Eliane explains, What is inspiring to me is the feedback from other people who have observed my artwork and take time to express their opinions, what it meant to them and how they were moved.”

She is moved by the beauty of dramatic colors, the tactility of interesting papers, including Japanese and Nepalese papers, and drawn to pattern seen everywhere in nature. Eliane’s work emphasizes color, line, shape and form, often opting for dynamic and complementary colour choices. Eliane tries to achieve equilibrium between balance and tension, harmony of colors, design and textures.

Eliane‘s artistic journey began by enamelling on copper and designing her own line of jewellery . Her subsequent discovery of painting and its exploration marks her ultimate challenge and fulfillment.


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