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GuruShots Photography Exhibition: First Ever in Montreal

Location: Galerie Gora, Montreal

Date: 30 September – 2 October, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday 30 September 6pm-9pm

Friday from 10AM to 5PM

Saturday from 11AM to 4PM

The international photography platform, GuruShots, will be making their first appearance on the photography scene in Montreal, with their ‘Powerful Lighting’ and ‘Photogenic’ exhibitions at Galerie Gora. GuruShots is extremely excited to showcase some incredible photography to both local and international audiences.

GuruShots is a digital platform that allows photographers from around the world to submit their work for a variety of thematic photo challenges that open every day. Winning pieces are selected to be shown in GuruShots Exhibitions which are held in major cities across the globe each and every weekend, from New York, London and Stockholm, to Johannesburg, Hanoi and Melbourne.

Their September 2021 double exhibition at Galerie Gora in Montreal will feature winning photos selected as part of two recent exhibition challenges on the GuruShots platform. Visitors will be able to view this remarkable collection of 80 unique printed works submitted by photographers spanning over 30 different countries, and a stunning collection of digital photos.

GuruShots’ mission is not only to help their best photographers expand their careers and gain exposure to larger audiences, but also to motivate, challenge, and inspire aspiring and beginner photographers. GuruShots is an innovative platform that is bringing the world’s art and technology spheres together in a truly unique way.

The exhibition will run from 30th September to 2nd October, including the opening reception on Thursday 30th September, 6pm-9pm, where guests are invited to join us at Galerie Gora for drinks, celebrations and networking with other like minded photographers of all abilities. The opening reception will also be featured on Facebook Live for those who cannot travel to visit in person but wish to participate remotely.

To visit the opening event or exhibition in person across the weekend, visitors must adhere to local guidance around COVID-19 restrictions.

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