Opening hours: Lundi au vendredi. 10h à 17h ou par rendez-vous.

279 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite 205

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

“PEINTURES” An exhibition by Marc Drouin

Artist’s statement :

« I could no longer find the words. I
returned to painting.
In seeking the colors of my pain, I discovered the colors of joy and happiness within my solitude. »

Through painting, I became aware it wasn’t death I was afraid of, but living.

Inhabited by dark thoughts, I realised that painting led me towards a different way of creating where my imagination flourished into a bountiful range of colors. I’ve been painting forever. Since childhood I’ve been trying to paint an apple, but just as the plays I write don’t resemble life, such is my apple.
It’s a transposition. My theater is musical and so are my paintings.

I paint with assiduousness and when I wake from this trance I’m amazed to see how time passed into an array of colors depicting my different moods.

During the summertime, I produce a dozen or so paintings of which I choose 4 to 8 (just to give an idea of my production, since
numbers, statistics and sports scores are essential in today’s world!)

I paint in all languages while listening to music. Many artists inspire me and influence my work.

Come and see my self-portraits before the world self-destructs!
Each painting is unique. A 3-D specimen.
In this digital world, it’s my way to leave a trace.

And so, I’ll leave my paintings speak for themselves.
Come listen to what they have to say.

Opening: Wednesday October 2nd 2019 from 5pm to 8 pm
Exhibition: Wednesday October 2nd to Saturday October 26th 2019