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Massimo Pasca


Nardò (LE) – 04/09/1974

Polyhedral artist, Salentinian by origins and Pisan by adoption, is one of the most active Italian live painters. Earlier on 1994 he brings to the Apulian coasts the concept of live painting through many happenings with the company of djs, musicians and poets. He has painted for private collectors, institutions, musical festivals, social centers, cineclubs, theaters, musicians and fashion, organizing furthermore several initiatives aimed at the contamination of the artistic languages. As he moved to Pisa in 1994 he graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy in Conservation of Cultural Heritage with a thesis about the relation between painting and cinema in the cinematographic work of Paolo Pasolini and Danilo Donati.

He has furthermore obtained a graphic degree through an annual course organized by the Tuscany region, followed by a one-year internship. He has worked as a scenographer and as a scenography assistant  in  different  productions,  among  the  most  important  ones  the  Gabriele  Lavia  and Mariangela Melato’s show, “Chi ha paura di Virginia Woolf?”, in which he was Carmelo Giammello’s scenography assistant, at the Verdi Theatre of Pisa. He has made the sets for the “Music Box Live show” of Francesco Freyre at the Celebrazioni Theatre of Bologna and he has worked for productions of other theatres as the S. Andrea Theatre of Pisa, the Teatro delle sfide of Bientina and the Teatro del Tè of Pisa.

Opening: Friday November 1st 2019 from 5pm to 9 pm
Exhibition: Extended until November 29th, 2019


In the years spent in Tuscany he has continued to live paint experimenting from the abstract art to the surrealism up to the pop art influenced by the comic book world, most of the time he has painted with many musicians such as Negrita, Piero Pelù, Bandabardò, Roy Paci, CorVeleno (during the “Scartati” concert in Pratovecchio) and on the stage with Negrita, Finaz, Marta sui Tubi, Luci della Centrale Elettrica, Tommaso Novi (Gatti Mezzi), Andrea Mi, Francesco del Prete, Joy Cut, Esquelito, Roberto Angelini, Ebony Bones, Marco Calliari, Max Nocco. His live paintings have touched  places  like  MACRO  (Contemporary  Art  Museum  of  Rome),  Festival  of  Creativity Florence, Piper Club Rome (during the presentation of the book “The Clash” ISBN edition), Link Bologna, MEI Faenza, Circolo degli Artisti Rome,  IED European Institute of Design of Florence, Spazio Murat, MAT Alto Tavoliere Museum, Tribeca factory Prato, MEDIMEX Bari, Arezzo Play,

Festival of Metropolitan Cultures Polignano a Mare (BA), Fuck Normality Festival, Fiera del

Levante Bari. Besides hundreds of clubs and live clubs spread around the peninsula.



In June 2018 he was entrusted by the Municipality of Pisa and by Caparol Italia, to create a big mural under the Logge dei Banchi. The sponsor is the same one who commissioned the work “Tuttomondo” in 1989 to Keith Haring.   Also in 2008 he paints in the Pac ( Contemporary Art Park) of Livorno where he creates a mural inside the Basaglia Center. In 2016 he makes a mural for the Municipality of Lucera (FG) addressing the subject of illegal employment.

In 2018 he works at the Public Park of Latiano (BR) where he paints a mural dedicated to Franco Basaglia. In September 2018 he creates at the 82nd edition of Fiera del Levante in Bari, a four meters for three wall in the Pavilion of the Territorial Arts and Culture Pole of the Region of Puglia, an initiative promoted by the Region of Puglia and by the Department of Tourism and Cultural Industries.



In July 2008 he collaborates with Negrita, by making the illustrations of the new CD Helldorado and the official T-shirts of the tour. The CD sells more than 100.000 copies and it’s a platinum record.

In 2009 he decorates for the brand Merry Autumn the new bags presented during Pitti Uomo in Florence.

In May 2011 the brand Proel in collaboration with the club Cocoricò commissions him the decoration of ten bags for the best international Djs of club music.

In October 2013 he illustrates the Cure’s song “ Boys don’t cry” for the  TINALS  project presented at Lucca Comics in 2013, TINALS is an actual musicassette made of paper, with cover and plastic case produced by New Monkey.

In 2016 he is selected to present in Rome at the exhibition that celebrates the seventy years of David

Bowie: “Bowie Blackstardust” at the SpazioCima.

He has illustrated in festivals such as: Metarock Festival Pisa, Hi Foundation Ferrara, Italiart in Dijon, Movimentoinactor, Antroporti, Arezzo Play, Sagra del Diavolo, SEI (Independent south- east) Festival Energetica di Riotorto, Estate Spezzina.

He has created artworks to different musicians, as:  the master Antonio Infantino, the Muffx, Manu

Phl, Dos Dos, Andrea Mi, Uk Alien, Marzio Aricò and Alfa Romero, Max Nocco.

He has illustrated for the following magazines: il Mucchio, Arbiter, Collettivo Mensa, Todo Magazine, Lungarno, A Levante, take it easy Magazine, Qui Salento, and he has worked with the record companies Elastica, Irma Records, Alfa Romero and Arroyo Records.

He has worked live for brands as Uniposca Coloring Francia, Jaguar Motors, Red Bull, Caparol

Italia, Merry Autumn, Overskin Clothing, Swap Museum, Dodai studio Firenze.


The works have been exposed between collectives and individuals in cities like: Monaco (DE), Dijon (FR), Siviglia (E), Cracovia (P), Lecce, Caserta, Ferrara, Bologna, Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Reggio Calabria, Ragusa, Rome, Milan, Livorno, Specchia (LE), Collepasso (LE), Iglesias (CA), San Severo (FG), Muro Leccese, Casarano (LE), Tito (PZ), Matera.

“POP have the Power” – Porta degli Angeli, Ferrara – 6/14 May 2017 – Municipality of Ferrara

“La lute contro le signe” – Hellas, Mercato storico Dijone (FR) – 4/31 March 2016 “Over the POP” – Nero Gallery, Rome – 2/23 May 2015

“Tipi  da  museo”  –  Museum  of  Memoria  e     Accoglienza,  Santa  Maria  al  Bagno  (LE)  –  13 December/5 January

“Un pop + serio” – Cecilia Center for Creativity, Tito (PZ) – December 2013/January 2014 – Region of Basilicata

“Apocalipse Moi” –  Imperial Town Gallery, Casarano (LE) –  August  2013  –  Municipality of Casarano

“POP_UrLAR” – Museum of Alto Tavoliere, San Severo (FG) – 20 December/20 February 2013 – Municipality of San Severo

“Dalì il genio – Oltre Dali” – Castello Aragonese 2011, Otranto (LE) – Selected as personal exhibition in the space OltreDalì

“Discorsivisivi”  –  Rocca  dei  rettori,  Benevento  –  2010  –  Region  of  Campania,  Province  of Benevento, Municipality of Benevento

“Setting” – Theatre Puccini, Florence – 2011 – Ministry of cultural activities, Municipality of Florence

“Il cane che si morde la coda” – Lecce – Palace of the Province – 2010 – Province of Lecce, Municipality of Lecce

“Massimo Pasca” – Sardinian Mining Association, Iglesias (CI) – Municipality of  Pisa, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias, Municipality of Iglesias

“Pascad’aprile” – La Limonaia, Pise – 2006 – Province of Pisa, Municipality of Pise “Idee-ali” – Palazzo Baronale, Collepasso (LE) – Municipality of Collepasso “Saletta Kinzica” – Municipality of Pisa – 1998 – Pisa – Municipality of Pisa

2008/2009 Project Giocolarte “A scuola con gli artisti” edited by Grazia Batini

2009/2010 De Amicis Primary School –  Pontedera (PI)

2013 Comic and illustration Workshop at University of Salento organized by ArciZei

2013 Workshop at San Giuseppe Artistic High School, Grottaferrata (Rome)

2013 “IO DISEGNO” Drawing Laboratory for kids at Laboratorio Urbano Fabbrica Paladini di Lequile (LE)

2016 Mural Paint Workshop at Vallone Scientific High School, Galatina (LE)

2016 Workshop at Stampacchia Tricase High School within Stampacchia Comics

2018 Workshop at Classic High School Montalcini Casarano (LE)


Elia Marchi, student at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Pisa, in 2009 graduates in Cinema Theatre and Multimedia Production with a documentary-thesis about him and his artistic profile, thesis with “Unipasca” as its name that tells about how the artistic experiences of Massimo Pasca in Pisa have influenced the cultural environment of the city.

In October 2012 the book “Keith Haring a Pisa” Chronicle of a mural   is released, for the ETS editions, edited by Carlo Venturini. In the book there are four pages about the interview with Massimo Pasca considered one of the heirs of the american painter’s sign.

Percorsi d’Arte in Italy 2015/ Rubbettinoeditore cured by Giorgio di Genova e Enzo La Pera.

They have written about him: Matteo Lucchetti, Giuseppe Frangi, Carmelo Cipriani, Antonietta Fulvo, Maurizio Nocera, Alessandra Ioalè, Bruno Pollacci, Lorenzo Mazza, Massimiliano Sbrana, Giuseppe Amedeo Arnesano, Elena Antonacci, Enrico Catassi, EnricoVenturini.

In 1998 he wins the First Award for Painting D.S.U. ( Right for University Studies) Award Graphic

City of Cascina 1998.

In December 2004 he is awarded with the first place for best video and best interpreter from director Roberto Faenza at the Festival Uni-verso Corto of Pisa.

In 2005 he wins the International Meeting of Painting promoted by the Academy of Fine Arts of

Lecce and by the one of Cracovia, held in Otranto.

2008 Award Ciampi Livorno.

In 2016 he’s selected and invited to the fourth edition of Premio Auditorium Città of Isemia. P.A.C.I.

In 2016 he wins the L’estemporanea d’arte and the Award “Giuseppe Casciaro”.

In 2018 he is invited to be part of the quality jury of the international format Best Art Vinyl for the

Critics’Coiche Award, where the best illustrations of vinyl records are rewarded.

After twenty years spent in Pisa he moves back to his home land, the Salento peninsula.

In Lecce he is one of the founders of the magazine “Lamantice/Fiato ai disegni” edited by Ergot Edizioni.

Among the new projects he has just completed the first draft of “La stanza surrealista”, a theatre- performance inspired by the famous artistic movement of the 1900s.