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Solo Exhibition: So Youn Kim

Exhibition: June 14th to July 2nd, 2022

Postmodern Square Painting Series 1 30”x30” Acrylic & Collage on Canvas, 2022

A surface has imaginative textures that organically function as a continuum of intellectual and biological metabolism wherein different spectrums of line strokes and colors recreate societal and cultural renaissance.



So Youn enjoys practicing abstract paintings in the style of what she calls as postmodern contemporary abstract expressionism. Her cosmopolitan interests in intellectual and creative education inform her artistic sensibility and talent. So Youn fondly remembers her childhood when her mother took her to the Picasso special exhibition in Seoul, Korea, a formative experience. So Youn enjoys her international, multicultural, academic and creative journey in Canada since she was a teenager and likes to ask thought-provoking questions in intellectual conversation.


Artistic Approach

I follow my instinct naturally when making an artwork. I make several layers of sketching with oil pastels, painting with acrylic colors, and gluing collages of ordinary newspapers or magazines. Upon the completion of a single painting with my rapid painting style, I am inspired by its visual representation to write up the text to express my impressions, insights and reflections on the work I created.

I combine the making of abstract paintings and the writing of texts to grasp the nature of the intersection between the subjectivity of the new definition and the objectivity of the original meaning of the object. While the transposition by the masterpieces from great artists is a fundamental continuation of the traditional evolution of Western art forms, I explore how their Western traditions and philosophies of art give us significant meaning for the globalization of non-western art to the wider audience. In this conjuncture of the multicultural and diverse landscape of contemporary art, I ask you what you think of the importance of discovering neglected subjectivities. My questions relate to the cultural, contextual, and social meanings of painting, in multiple capacities of organic and intellectual context. I believe that art is situated between two perceptions which are at the origin of thoughts and emotions, that the mixture of cultural identities includes us all in a serene clarity, and that great ideas as well as great works of art all come from such questions of who I am and who we are.