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279 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite 205

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Tobias Ballaty

Artist’s statement :

This is the first time that Ballaty’s works have been exhibited in a Canadian gallery,
providing a rare, intimate glimpse into the work of this exceptional artist. In addition to his
bronze pieces from the last five years, new works utilising his rope technique are included. In
these works we can see his preoccupation with the scaffold/framework of every three
dimensional form – that is, the line. What becomes impressively apparent in these works is
that the line is the scaffolding in all dynamic forms.

Tobias Ballaty was born in 1989 in Munich, Germany, and lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.
His search for a language within sculptural forms occupied him even as a young artist – creating his
first works at the age of 12.

Ballaty studied art and sculpture with Peter Semperboni and Christian Hitsch, music with Waldemar
Thilo, and later natural science with Dr. med. Armin Husemann. During this time he became
intensely interested in Goethe’s approach to the natural sciences, especially his work on bone
structures in animals and humans. In his research Ballaty discovered the archetypal vertebra that
Goethe had searched for.

Through these studies Ballaty experienced an enormous deepening of his artistic creativity, which
shows itself in his distinct language of form. Ballaty does not use art to express an external idea. For
him, the form and shape of a sculpture is itself the idea – or the meaning – of the work.
Ballaty explains, “Whoever begins to see into the secrets of life develops a deep love for its most
simple manifestations, for in these comes to light the germ of all being. One need no longer search,
for what one sees is what is; it is the all!”

Ballaty works predominantly with marble and bronze, sometimes with wood, and recently with a
self-developed three dimensional rope technique. Always questioning how to break through from
the inorganic into a higher living world. At the heart of his work are the principles of the “magenta
surface” (“Purpurfläche”) and the “saddle surface” (“Sattelfläche”). In these principles all sculptural
elements are united in such a way that, following an overarching higher law, the appearance of a
‘mysterious life’ is called forth.

In 2017 the artistic significance of Ballaty’s work was recognised by the internationally renowned
Sammlung Würth (Würth Art Collection) and it purchased everything he had created since
beginning as an independent artist and placed them within its collection.

Exhibition: Monday February 17th to Friday March 6th 2020