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Calpini Moret
“Chantal Moret was born in Geneva Switzerland in 1955...and since then has always been involved in artistic and creative activities both as a painter, a sculptor, an art painting teacher or working in her own gallery. Chantal Moret has been exhibiting in many different places worldwide, and recently was appointed as international guest artist at the Italian Pavilion at the Art Basel December 2010 event in Miami Florida. Her latest paintings are inspired by the book of the Afghan author Atiq Rahimi entitled Syngué Sabour or Stone of Silence. In her paintings the stones contain all the painful thoughts of humanity where men and women are represented as very thin and elevated bodies. These work on canvas rely on shapes and geometry, on structures that are closed to the work of an architect and build a special space by including the expression of the painting gesture and the study of light and transparency, a research in which creativity and artistic inspiration are united with long standing practise skill and quality.”