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“Through the camera’s lens, Janez Vlachy channels distinctive creative insight in order to capture fleeting and highly sensuous instants of time. His photographs, which have been recognized within the international art scene for over a decade (in 1988, he received the first international award of note in Luxembourg), nostalgically evoke the atmosphere of a passed age, one in which photography did not yet engage with its mimetic and positivistic nature. In these images, color, composition and perspective, which can be reduced to mere formalisms if depleted of an author’s idiosyncratic imprint, are skillfully handled and infused with a distinguishing, sensual charm. Vlachy’s luxurious photographs nurture the idea of an urbane eroticism as well as the pleasure of looking. But beyond this aesthetic sophistication, Vlachy’s pictures stage a deliberate examination of the age-old rapport between artist and model. While this exploration begins by emphasizing the voyeuristic gaze, it swiftly progresses to a more complex investigation of the model’s ambiguity. Combining sensuous playfulness with an undertone of restraint, Vlachy’s images highlight the model’s identity as indefinitely perched between vulnerability, influence and authority. ”