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“It's all about fun - I guess this is the most important thing in my life (apart from my wife), since I realised that there is nobody on earth who can really explain why we live and why we have the ability to consider and reflect. So I decided to have fun in my life and I'm working hard on it. The act of taking the photos, the shooting itself is one part, and the results when a new project is finished is the second. What keeps me searching and gives me satisfaction at the same time, is the combination of everyday things, situations, cloth or people in new and surprising context. I like playing around with an idea, letting things happen and getting inspiration from everywhere putting things together in a way they haven't been seen before. Sometimes I have a clear image in my mind when I start on a new project but most of the time I just have an idea of an idea and it is very exciting where it leads me to while I am working on it. But the result has to contain this context of normal people or things in unusual situations or the other way round. On the technical side, I don't care much about cameras or studio light equipment at all, though I'm extremely well equipped (maybe that's the reason why). The most important tools and materials are the right models, the correct amount of artificial light and a little photoshop to create the looks I want. I like working with additional flashlight during daytime to add a surreal flavour and to make things look hyperrealistic from time to time. This goes hand in hand with a little computer manipulation, like carefully reducing the colours or establishing contrast. These are just tools to support the whole idea, to bring it to life, to make people think and maybe to brush a little smile on their faces by adding a little fun to their lives. ”