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“The Stillness of Motion: Changing Polar Landscapes by Holden is a visual contemplation of the spatial-temporal concepts of motion and change as they act upon our polar spaces. The work examines both natural change, over time scales that range from the diurnal and seasonal to the geological, as well as the human-induced changes that threaten to disrupt the human and ecological balance of these regions and the larger planetary ecosystem. In line with contemplative traditions such as Zen Art or Miksang, Holden’s photographic practice emphasizes the experiential qualities of seeing as a path to awakening. From this philosophical perspective, there is no distinction between the photograph, the photographed and the photographer, no subject and object, no seer and seen, no barriers between mind and space. It is all experience. Once basic technical considerations are mastered, the camera is no more than an extension of the mind, a tool to focus one’s attention on space and time. These images are the manifestation of that focus.”