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“He was born on 3th december 1969 in Triest ( Italy) , where at now lives and works. He was educated in this city and pursued scientific studies. He then specialized in finances and for various years ran a small business.. He has always loved photography and he has studied it as an autodidact with help and suggestions of a friend, a professional photographer.His interest for art, both ancient and contemporary, cultivated and deepened with the support and friendship of various artists. The artist uses photography and computer graphic to create abstract and conceptual photographic research. He creates these digital works using an uncommon graphic application software such as Excel ® by Microsoft®, the spreadsheet data processing application. His aim is to obtain through digital graphics a pictorial (even through digital) painting using a basic drawing tool and a mouse ,hence the term mouse-painting. His works exhibited in a lot of collective, solo exhibition and art fairs in Italy and in other nations. In December 2009 he had a solo exhibition in Montreal in Canada In spring 2010 he was Winner and selected in several Awards ( Art international Biennale of Asolo 2010 , Black & White Magazine Ca – USA, Wannabee Gallery Prize -Milan ).”