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279 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite 205

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Past Exhibitions

À L'INTÉRIEUR Caroline Durocher invites you to her exhibition” Nature of Women”. A professional photographer for fifteen years and more recently a cultural facilitator, Caroline is interested in the inner dimension of the human being and tries, through photography, to reveal some of its facets. Twenty photographic works will be exhibited to showcase women and nature, highlighting at times their complicity, harmony and beauty but also the chaos, paradox and the struggles between them. This photog [...]

Artist’s statement : Fascinated by natural chemistry and correlation between different materials I am constantly exploring depth and substance, connecting visual essentials through colour, texture and form. Random details catch my attention as I highlight hidden elements buried below the surface and give them a new meaning. My intuition guides me to remain open to unexpected forms of inspiration that surprise and relate to the progression of my work, as ittakes an identity. Patterns shift and ch [...]

Artist’s statement : Contemporary Artist Irina Laskin was born in Kharkov, Ukraine where she studied Fine Art and Architecture. Through her studies she received intensive classical art training that directed her strong expressive style and exposed her to the stylistic influences of such movements as Impressionism, Cubism, and Suprematism. Drawing inspiration from delicate subject matter, Irina looks to nature for inspiration for her Floral Series. She never replicates exactly what she sees, but [...]

Artist’s statement : Self-taught, I began to paint in 2008 during my incarceration. In my first exhibition, I having won the first prize. I decided to pursue my passion while seeing a tremendous way to rehabilitation. To define well my capacities and my taste, I explored diverse subjects : portraits, landscape and animals. I aim at creating an "3 dimensions" effect to give more presence and life to my subjects. Opening : Wednesday, March 23th from 5PM to 7PM Exhibition: From March 22nd to April [...]

Paysage de jaspe rouge by Nikolina Okuka. From the exhibit Genèse. Criticism : Impulsant au corps de l’abstraction une énergie mystérieuse, la pierre ou le cristal constitue invariablement le coeur de l’oeuvre de Nikolina Okuka. Elle nous rappelle parfois la pupille de l’oeil, le soleil ou encore la planète captée à même son orbite. En faisant de la pierre le sésame de la mémoire tant humaine que terrestre, sa série « Trésors de la terre » se révèle un hymne à ce bijou de la nature. Elle découvr [...]

Artist's statement : Theo Allofs was born and raised in Germany. For the past 20 years he has been living in Canada’s remote Yukon Territory. After finishing his Masters Degree in Geology he pursued his dream and started a career as a travel photographer. In 1995 he began specializing in nature and wildlife photography. His main focus is on endangered species and habitats. Over the past 15 years he has extensively photographed all over the globe. His main topics are the landscapes and wildlife i [...]